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Let us be your guide.

Sensible thinking and a well-made plan are at the heart of our work with you. Our team of CFP® professionals can create a custom roadmap for your future. Your financial planning process begins with a thorough assessment of your current financial position. From there, we create a map of where you are and where you want to go, building in flexibility for the journey ahead. Our strategic plan is dynamic by design, allowing us to adjust for the unexpected future twists and turns you may encounter. We help you navigate life changes, monitor progress, and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having a sound financial plan. We work with your legal counsel, tax professionals and other advisors to ensure you receive holistic, sound advice from your team of experts. You can expect a collaborative approach to planning and a long-term relationship with WestHill as your trusted advisor.





An investment approach tailored to your financial plan.

Your investment portfolio is a means to a more secure future. Our approach is to manage your assets with your overall financial picture in mind. We couple our own diligent investment research with the thinking of some of the brightest investment minds in the industry. WestHill’s Investment Committee regularly assesses and selects investment holdings consistent with our strategic long-term approach to investment management. Your WestHill financial advisor will customize your investment portfolio based on your financial plan and your risk tolerance. Regular review meetings allow for investment changes as needed.

What our approach means is that your investment portfolio will be strategically designed and managed to help you achieve your long-term financial planning objectives. You’ll have an investment portfolio designed to seek appropriate growth and income performance while utilizing a disciplined approach to reducing risk and volatility. Our investment management process will also seek to minimize your income taxes. Regular meetings with your WestHill financial advisor, our suite of technology tools, and access to your wealth portal will help keep you on the path and aligned with your financial planning objectives.

Impact Investing

Investing with a focus on Environmental or Societal Change

Investors are increasingly aware of the influence their cash and investments play in the world of corporate governance and strategy.  More and more of our clients look to achieve a positive impact as well as competitive returns with their portfolios.  Through Environmental, Social, Governance, (ESG) and more broadly, Impact Investing, we ask our selected fund managers to identify companies that demonstrate a commitment to the global good as well as the rights of individuals and communities.

Impact Investing uses ESG as guidelines to identify firms that are willing to engage in dialogue with their investors about standards, values, execution, and ways to improve.  By pooling investments through funds, Impact investment managers can engage and direct firms through proxy votes and other types of communication in an effort to influence the future of a company.  Our approach seeks to merge the goals of investing proactively to support social and environmental advancement while also achieving your financial objectives.


  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Manage resources for sustainable production
  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment
  • Reduce waste
  • Water management and scarcity


  • Promote diversity and gender equity
  • Demonstrate commitment to employees
  • Focus on product safety and quality
  • Emphasize guidelines for health and safety
  • Respect culture and traditions of local communities


  • Develop effective boards with diversity of perspectives
  • Lift ethical standards in all interactions and operations
  • Establish transparency in accounting and reporting
  • Reasonable executive compensation
  • Maintain best interests for shareholder rights
Investment Management


Helping you and your employees save for tomorrow. Qualified Retirement Plans

WestHill Financial Advisors can help your business navigate the ever-changing complexities of establishing and administering a group employee retirement plan. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped employers manage their qualified retirement plans, including 401(k) and 403(b) plans, profit sharing plans and defined benefit pension plans. Our valuable advice and time-saving processes give you the freedom to focus on your business.

As your co-fiduciaries, we help design your plan’s Investment Policy Statement and conduct periodic investment reviews to provide you with guidance for consistent, informed decision-making regarding plan fund selection and overall plan performance. We provide group education and enrollment meetings and offer individual appointments to help your employees become more knowledgeable and confident as they plan for their retirement.


We help you plan for the unexpected so you can enjoy your best today.

WestHill Financial Advisors view risk management in the broader context of your financial planning process. We use a deliberate strategic approach to identify, evaluate and manage areas of risk in your life. Our planning process helps determine the effect that risks such as disability, premature death and long-term care needs would have on your financial security and family legacy goals. Considering potential risks as an integral part of your financial plan allows us to provide advice on how risks can optimally be eliminated, reduced or insured against.