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I hear so much financial advice in the media and from friends, much of it conflicting and confusing. Where do I start?

We believe everyone should start with a plan. A financial plan serves as a strategic blueprint for achieving your short and long-term financial goals. Once done, your financial plan will allow you to cut through the noise and confusion and make sound financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

What factors do you consider when managing client investment?

Our investment decisions are driven by each client’s unique situation. Factors we consider include a client’s financial plan, their current and future cash needs and taxes, and their level of comfort with investment volatility. Regular review meetings with each client allow us to make investment portfolio adjustments as needed.

What is the advantage of investing with your firm rather than with a large national firm?

As part of a boutique advisory firm, our people distinguish us from larger financial institutions. WestHill employees reflect our core values and provide our clients with personalized advice and service that is rare in our industry. That is why most of our clients come to us by referral, often moving their accounts from large name-brand institutions.

Additionally, as an independent RIA firm, WestHill provides investment management and financial planning on a fee-only basis, avoiding conflicts of interest inherent in many large financial institutions. WestHill serves as a fiduciary, and our clients find our approach to be transparent, straightforward and engaging.

How do my spouse and I determine if we should work with your firm?

We suggest an informal complimentary discovery meeting at our office. This will allow us to learn about your financial objectives and future vision and allow you to learn about our capabilities and how we might work together.


If we choose to work with your firm, where will our accounts be held?

Our client assets are held in custody with Charles Schwab and Co. Schwab’s client service focus and technology make them a valuable ally to WestHill and our clients. That Schwab’s values are closely aligned with ours has made them a great partner since 2007.


If I engage WestHill to help me with my finances, whom will I work with?

Whether you engage us to create a financial plan, manage your investments, or both, you will have a one-on-one relationship with a WestHill financial advisor. Further, our team approach to providing client advice and service means you’ll benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our team. As continuing growth and education is a shared dedication at WestHill, all of our financial advisors hold professional designations and degrees. A majority of our advisors hold the Certified Financial Plannerdesignation, allowing us to provide you with financial advice that is strategic, holistic and personalized.